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Autumn Ridge Residences | Senior holding a up a pocket quilt

The Heart of Community in a COVID-19 World

Autumn Ridge Residences finds a way to celebrate with our residents in safe and meaningful ways. There is no doubt this year has affected each of our lives in ways we could not imagine. Big trips postponed, weddings cancelled, and loved ones we have not seen in months— this year has been anything but ordinary.

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Autumn Ridge Residences | Senior tending to the garden

Lively Autumn Activities for Adventurous Seniors

Autumn Ridge Residences Promotes Physical and Mental Wellbeing Through Engaging Events Our Herculaneum, MO senior living community offering independent living and residential care has kept its residents content throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by offering opportunities to socialize and stay active. Why is it important for seniors to remain busy throughout this challenging time? For much of this year,

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Autumn Ridge Residences | Senior scrapbooking activity

Keeping Seniors Engaged with Activities at Herculaneum Community

Birthday parties, games, and even a shout-out from baseball legend Ozzie Smith make Autumn Ridge Residences a not-so-typical senior living community in Herculaneum, MO. Seniors above all other age groups may be suffering the most from the COVID-19 pandemic. But that does not stop senior living communities like Autumn Ridge Residences from making sure residents

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Autumn Ridge Residences | Mike Enloe

Autumn Ridge Residences Welcomes Mike Enloe as New Sales Director

Mike Enloe is the new Sales Director of Autumn Ridge Residences. Managed by Veritas Senior Living, we are a premier independent living and residential care community in Herculaneum. Mike comes to Autumn Ridge with more than 20 years of healthcare sales experience. Previously Marketing Director for a 164-bed retirement community, Mike’s responsibilities involved admission procedures,

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