Our Associates In Senior Living
Autumn Ridge Residences

Cindy Sander

Executive Director​

Cindy brings over 20 years of experience working in healthcare, including senior living. Prior to becoming the Executive Director at Autumn Ridge, Cindy was in long term care in Jefferson County, MO. She is passionate about providing exceptional resident care, helping seniors thrive in this stage of life. Cindy and her family have called Jefferson County home for more than 25 years where they enjoy the great outdoors together.

Marie Stelling

Community Relations Director

Marie Stelling is proud to be the new Community Relations Director at Autumn Ridge Residences. With a decade of professional service to local communities, she is excited to bring her expertise to her new home.

She is a believer in positive thinking, hard work, and supporting those in her community. After graduating college with a dual bachelor’s degree in business management and accounting, Marie started her professional career in banking and married her high school sweetheart. For more than six years she served the Arnold community before retiring to stay home
with her two young sons.

After her youngest son started school, she went to work at a local nursing home. For more than three years now she has been serving the Jefferson County community and is looking forward to continuing that service.

If you don’t find Marie working, you will likely find her on an adventure, at a local restaurant, spending time with her family, or in the gym.

Ashley Brissette

Dietary Manager

Ashley is the Certified Dietary Manager at Autumn Ridge Senior Living Center. This title shows she has met the education requirements set forth by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals. Ashley is passionate about her cooking career and has more than decade of experience in the food industry. She delivers a genuine hospitality while putting emphasis on the importance of nutrition for the geriatric population. She creates delicious, healthy culinary delights; outstanding menu’s and always tops off the dessert with her beautiful smile.

Ashley has served our community seniors extremely well for the past 9 years. She oversees the department and is responsible for purchasing and preparations of the food. She truly cares and coordinates and listens to our residents needs at the quarterly Residential Menu Meetings where they discuss food planning and dessert items that may be of interest to them.

Ashley has a passion for raising various species of chickens. She holds the title for the largest catfish caught in Missouri and she loves spending time with her dog appropriately named “Fish.”

Eric Miller

Maintenance Director

Eric has been our Maintenance Director for 12 years. Those who know Eric have learned that he is a hard-working individual. His work ethic and desire to keep Autumn Ridge looking spectacular are what continue to drive him today.

Eric is responsible for the facility maintenance of Autumn Ridge. He also ensures that the environment is exceptional for our residents. Eric is trained in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system repair. He is very experienced in working with diverse personalities.

He inspects all aspects of construction, repairs, and maintenance in our community, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met and jobs are done efficiently for our residents. Eric has developed a preventative maintenance program to ensure Autumn Ridge is well maintained and in a safe condition.

In his personal time, Eric enjoys being on his boat and in the water, competing in various fishing tournaments with the “catch of his life,” his wife, Tammy.

Carla Schlueter

Activities Director

Carla brings over 10 years of experience in directing activities to her job Autumn Ridge.

Prior to that, she managed two assisted-living facilities in Illinois, one of which was memory care.

She is a certified Alzheimer’s facilitator and has a special love for dementia residents.

Her goals at Autumn Ridge are to: 1. plan and carry out fun and stimulating activities, and 2. to revisit residents’ memories through trivia—one of our favorites—second only to bingo, and Spelling Bees.

“We definitely have fun and always find something to laugh about”.

Each building and resident is different, so finding a good variety of dignified activities is key to fulfilling her role as activity director.

“I am blessed to have been modeled by my own grandparents, dignity and respect. They were two of my best friends!”

When not working she enjoys spending time with family and friends, crafting, flower gardening and following Christ.

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