Our People

Meet JR and Gerry 

Happy Anniversary to JR and Gerry! They are celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary in their new senior living community at Autumn Ridge Residences. JR and Gerry sold their home in Illinois to move to Jefferson County, Missouri to be closer to their children, grandchildren and great children.

After visiting many other places, JR and Gerry agree they found Autumn Ridge to call home.

“Other places didn’t have what we really needed or wanted. Residents and staff treat you like family here and are especially caring. This is the real retirement living that we imagined. The food is delicious, and along with relaxion, there are always so many activities and outings for both of our interests. Most importantly, we quickly gained faith and trust in the staff. We live very independently here and are serviced with sincere care and dignity.”

Meet Albert

Albert came to Autumn Ridge about two years ago and said he really loves it here!

“This is true retirement, and this is the best place for me. I cannot think of a better place. My wife of 48 years had passed, and I knew I needed to get on and do something different and it was time for self-care. I had lost 20lbs after her passing, and a dear friend would call me each day about the importance of nutrition. I was also exhausted from grass cutting, snow removal, and general maintenance. I was certain there was good companies to hire for home services though I didn’t know who I could trust and did not want to start paying for things I had cared for my whole life. At Autumn Ridge, I trust I am in good hands in a senior living apartment. I have become healthier and can really relax.

The flowers beds we made do not replace my greenhouse I had at my home though I find them fulfilling each day to tend to.”

Meet Ed

Thank you to our Resident Ed for choosing Autumn Ridge as your home for serving our country!

As a community, we honor all Veterans! Ed was drafted by the United States Army when he was 19 years old to basic training in Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1961, and officially retired in 1986. Ed came from a family line of Veterans. His father flew aviation missions over the Himalayans in World War II, and his brother was also a Veteran.

Though much of his service time was at Fort Campbell KY as his home and returning base, Ed also spent time in other areas out the US such as Germany and Italy. During his tenure, he held many significant roles such as Maintenance Warrant Officer, and Staff Warrant Officer. Through Ed’s high self- awareness and personal reflection, he signed up voluntarily to go to Vietnam. In Vietnam, Ed was a Helicopter Pilot from 1968-1972. Ed quotes “It was not until my missions in Vietnam that I felt I was accomplishing what I know I could do with immense passion and purpose. My role was to function in an extremely combative environment under immense danger and circumstances, to transport all of the wounded and deceased. Ed shares “I feel grateful to have survived and still harbor internal pain for those who had their lives taken in vein to appease Congress. I would go again today to fight for the good of all Americans if I could,”

Today, Ed is a long-standing resident at Autumn Ridge and has chosen Autumn Ridge on two occasions.

He had once left the community for personal reasons and then returned to what he now calls home. Ed explains the many reasons why he has chosen Autumn Ridge. His number one reason being the dedicated staff who genuinely cares deeply for his wellness. He also feels there is an ambience at Autumn Ridge which in no way can be compared to other communities. The atmosphere is one of peace, trust, support and good will.

His largest gift of praise and gratefulness goes to Maureen O’Neil his VA Nurse Practitioner through the VA for her expertise and relentless coaching on his wellness, and to Sue Koch, Executive Director of Autumn Ridge for her unwavering ability to act in his best interest.

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