The Heart of Missouri Community in a COVID-19 World

Autumn Ridge Residences finds a way to celebrate with our residents in safe and meaningful ways.

There is no doubt this year has affected each of our lives in ways we could not imagine. Big trips postponed, weddings cancelled, and loved ones we have not seen in months— this year has been anything but ordinary. Yet, we have tried to make this year creatively resemble a form of normalcy for our beloved seniors by continuing to celebrate events and holidays in a healthy manner.

What events and holidays have we recently been celebrating?


Autumn Ridge Residences recently celebrated Halloween with trick-or-treating and costume contests among the community! Residents and team members wore masks with their costumes while maintaining a safe distance during trick-or-treating. 

Fun treats were not in short supply at Autumn Ridge Residences. Our incredible team put together delicious goodies from caramel dip with apples to tasty Jack Skeleton cake pops!

Halloween sweet treats for our senior residents
Sweet treats for all our residents.
A 102 year-old resident in a cheerleader costume received her prize for winning the costume contest
Our 102 year-old resident cheerleader took 1st place in our costume contest for residents!

Veterans Day

We love our veterans here at Autumn Ridge Residences. We honor their bravery and the sacrifices they have made to protect the people of this country.

This year our veterans were presented with a group photo at lunch, accompanied by balloons and a roar of applause from our team and other community members. One of our veterans even kindly led us in the National Anthem!

They received handmade cards from First Baptist Church Herky/Pevely, goodie bags from the AMVETS of Herky and the Christian Academy 2nd Baptist Church Festus.

Autumn Ridge Residences honors 14 Missouri veterans
Honoring our 14 veterans who served.
Balloons and flower display for the veterans
Our veterans were greeted with balloons
Goodie bags for the veterans at Autumn Ridge Residences
...And goodie bags!

How else has Autumn Ridge Residences encouraged residents during this difficult time?

Pocket Prayer Quilts

Tons of pocket prayer quilts made by Donna Schneider

We would love to give Donna Schneider a big Autumn Ridge thank you for making these Pocket Prayer Quilts for our community!

Orange pocket prayer quilt with a cross held in the palm of our resident

These colorful and heartfelt quilts were made to slip in your pocket. As you touch the cross, they serve as a reminder to know that you are never alone and always loved. 

During these difficult times, it can be easy to get lost in the fear that surrounds us. Especially with our seniors, we want to make sure that they know they are cared for and appreciated right now.

Although in-person visits are still restricted, we would love it if you sent our seniors uplifting letters or notes. A kind word costs nothing but means everything.

Autumn Ridge Residences looking to the future

Although right now COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, we want to continue to create a fun and safe environment for our residents. Which means we will continue to be creative in how we celebrate the holidays, to ensure our seniors know they matter. 

If you would like to send a letter or note to our seniors, please send it to: 300 Autumn Ridge Drive, Herculaneum, MO 63048 

In compliance with CDC regulations to provide a safe environment for our seniors, we are currently offering virtual tours of our establishment.  

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our community, please feel free to contact us today. We would love to hear from you.

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