Lively Autumn Activities for Adventurous Seniors

Autumn Ridge Residences Promotes Physical and Mental Wellbeing Through Engaging Events

Our Herculaneum, MO senior living community offering independent living and residential care has kept its residents content throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by offering opportunities to socialize and stay active.

Why is it important for seniors to remain busy throughout this challenging time?

For much of this year, we have increased our security measures and promoted social distancing whenever possible. However, we have also recognized the importance of staying active and maintaining strong relationships with others, even if from a distance. This is why Autumn Ridge Residences has organized numerous events while following proper protocols.

What Does Our Live Musical Entertainment Sound Like?

Musician Danny Denton recently performed his rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and strummed along with his guitar for our outdoor audience. While enjoying his music, some of the socially-distanced residents and associates smiled and danced; others simply relaxed in their chairs and appreciated the calming atmosphere. Our seniors were also offered water along with delicious snacks consisting of pretzels and various chocolate candies. Those who participated were delighted by the special occasion. 

Are We Ready for Autumn?

Our St. Louis independent living residents have experienced the benefits of gardening! After planting and watering many types of seeds in the soil of raised beds that are easy to reach, they watched in amazement day after day as a colorful array of fruits and vegetables slowly emerged. The flowers, peppers, and leafy greens they grew contained dazzling colors and textures that they couldn’t wait to add to their meals!

One resident admires a plant full of small yet bright red and yellow peppers she helped to grow while digging in the soil to plant more seeds

Below are just a few of the benefits of gardening:

ExerciseGardening is a fun way to get moving and strengthen your muscles. If you plant and pull weeds for several hours a week, you may even receive all the exercise you need.
Vitamin DJust several hours of exposure to sunlight can help you get an ideal amount of the nutrient.
Stress ReductionGardeners often experience a reduction in cortisol, a stress-inducing chemical in the brain. Their levels of serotonin, or calming chemicals, also increase.
Decreased Risk of DementiaBecause this activity keeps the body and mind busy, it can limit seniors’ risk of dementia.

Associates and residents enjoy creating festive gifts, too. With the help of one senior’s craftsmanship, we have been able to put together a set of gift bags filled with candy corn tied to paper notes reading, “Happy Fall Y’all”! Each craft was then hung on every resident’s door knob for a pleasant surprise!

A resident uses yarn to tie together each handmade item that she will later share with others

Amid the sight of falling leaves, Autumn Ridge Residences lives up to its name by maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere supported by bright, thriving plant life and lighthearted decorations. Most importantly, our community is full of friendly people who love to celebrate.

What Kinds of Local Partnerships Do We Maintain?

We have most notably partnered with Joachim-Plattin Emergency Medical Service; our team and residents often create cards and regularly communicate with its lifesaving staff. Below is a member of the Medical Service’s team expressing her appreciation for our community.

Another organization, Herky/Pevely Baptist Church, has delivered Bibles to comfort residents. To our amazement, former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player Ozzie Smith even congratulated the community for staying secure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Do We Continue to Help Our Seniors Get Involved?

Our team at Autumn Ridge Residences recognizes the importance of continued social interaction even while security precautions are in place. Through a variety of active and thought-provoking projects, we have overcome our new limitations and hope to experience similar successes in the future. 

If you are interested in becoming one of our residents or partners, please reach out to us todayWe look forward to hearing about how you can make our community even better!

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